Facilities Management

ShellBird Facilities Management (SBFM) with its headquarters located in Dubai,
provides fully Integrated Facilities Management Services to its valued clients.
SBFM understands each client requirement is unique and needs a customized solution;
we are confident that we can provide you with excellent services for all your Facility Management requirements.
To be the preferred choice of discerning clients within the Facilities Management Services industry.
  • To take a long-term view of our relationships with our customers and strive to achieve their satisfaction.
  • To understand our customers’ requirements and meet them from the 1st time.
  • Regard customer loyalty as our key force in continuously improving quality management & standards.
  • To adopt a positive, pro-active and professional approach in all our dealings both internally and externally.
  • To instill in all our employees the company values of
    1. Honesty
    2. Integrity
    3. Professionalism
    4. Dedication

Our Services

Innovation, Expertise & Experience

We are circumspect and integrate our experience based on many years of planning, construction, and operation. In parallel, we develop a value-oriented SBFM strategy, thereby creating a sound knowledge base.
Our expert teams provide services to suit particular project needs while our concept engineers always strive to challenge the convention by sharing knowledge and offering innovative solutions through Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing services, may it be the smallest detail of property maintenance.

Tailor-made Solutions & Services:

With customized concepts and professional implementation, we secure quality, costs, and schedules – and improve the value-add of your property throughout its life-cycle.
On-site we communicate and integrate traditional and future technologies to achieve unique solutions without creating a risk. We examine the current status of your facility with exceptional management consulting methods. We show what action is necessary and evaluate planned measures from the economic point of view.

Integrated Facilities Management

SBFM experts manage ongoing facilities operations and also oversee expansion, reconfiguration or renovation. From self-performance to subcontracting, we cover the full range of facilities requirements, and we work with our clients to help them develop the overall strategy for their facilities needs — now and in the future.
SBFM operates and handles 24-hour call center operations as a single point of contact for its clients and coordinates service teams for action.

Facilities Diagnostics

Our experts solve problems others can’t. We not only put an end to performance threats, but we also design and implement strategies and systems for long-term maximum output and efficiency. And our experts also commission and re-commission integrated systems, which is crucial to ensuring equipment work as it was designed to do.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Our people are experts in managing the performance of predictive and unscheduled tasks that prevent equipment failure or decline. In addition, working with clients to increase efficiency, reliability, and safety SBFM experts can generate substantial energy savings using cost-effective O&M methods that pay for themselves relatively quickly.

Engineering & MEP Services

Building engineering services are vital to the operation of your facility, affording you maximum productivity at all times. Whether the work is technical repair and maintenance or traditional handyman duties, our qualified engineers and technicians work behind the scenes to keep your facility running smoothly while you focus on your business.
SBFM offers a comprehensive range of building engineering and handyman services that can be custom-tailored to meet your facility’s unique needs. We’re also available round the clock to respond to emergencies and special project requests.

BMS Operation

The BMS is a proprietary computerized building automation and management system that consists of automatic devices and controls for the Gateway building’s MEP units. This the proprietary system consists of devices that control the building while also monitoring energy usage.
The system components consist of devices that require continuous preventative maintenance. SBFM has developed a most advantageous preventative and system support maintenance schedule to ensure the health and safety of all occupants and visitors to the building.
SBFM provides preventative measures such as troubleshooting, performing diagnostics, monitoring, adjusting, replacing, and testing the system devices and controls. These measures also include the installation of software upgrades, database maintenance, and system application support.
SBFM continue to maintain the system to its manufactured conformity and integrity. Operations and failures will be reported and work is carried out accordingly.

Cleaning Services

From restrooms to boardrooms, SBFM commercial cleaning services keep your property always looking spotless. Our cleaning services can accommodate a complete spectrum of commercial properties, from Class A office buildings and corporate office parks to warehouses, manufacturing plants and other high-traffic facilities.
SBFM offers both contract and on-demand cleaning services with the flexibility and resources to clean according to your schedule – without ever inconveniencing your tenants or property visitors.

Cleaning Services:

We provide ecological cleaning services for Individuals, Commercial and Residential sectors including ecological consultancy free of cost against the service order.
Specialized Cleaning services includes:
  • Residential, Commercial and Healthcare Duct Cleaning Services
  • Water Tanks Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Decontamination services

Sanitization and Disinfection Services:

Our environmental sanitization and disinfection services covers various segments like educational institutions, business and shopping centers, commercial and residential sectors including individual homes.

General Maintenance

Mechanical – Electrical – Plumbing
Manufacturing in new furniture
Decorative (Interior/Exterior)
Residential / Industrial
All kind of repairing
Tile setting
Moving-in Service
Appliance connection, curtain fixing, picture hanging, furniture assembly and much more Handyman Duties
MEP, Pumping Stations, Plants & Networks, Electrical & Street Lighting works, Fire Hydrants, Irrigation, Solar Systems, Chambers

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