Shell Bird group is a premier solutions provider of turn-key EPC projects.
Our expert services cover design development, construction, testing, commissioning,
long term operation and maintenance after completion of the defect liability
period in the following specialty areas.

Pumping Stations, Plants & Networks

• Sewerage Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Rising Main and Gravity Mains Network.
• Combined Fire & Irrigation Pumping Stations and Closed loop Pressurized Networks.
• Sewerage, Drainage and Storm Water Pumping Stations including rising mains and gravity mains network.
• Potable Water Pumping Stations and Networks.

Electrical & Street Lighting Works

• LV/MV Distribution Cabling Networks
• 11 KV and Pocket Substation
• RMU, Transformers & KWH Meter
• Tunnel and under bridge lighting system
• Street lighting works with conventional & LED Luminaries
• Internal lightings with conventional & LED light
• LSP works and cable management systems
• BMS, CCTV, Access control systems

Telecom Works

• OSP Civil Works (ducts, concrete encasements, NDRC, JRC’s and MRT’s)
• GPRS/GSM Turnkey Solutions
• Outdoor structure installations
• DAS Solutions
• Supply and Installation Passive System
• FTTH/GPON longhall projects
• Structured Cabling

Solar System

• Solar PV Panel System for domestic use
• Solar Powered Pumping Stations
• Solar Powered Street Lighting
• Solar Powered RTU Panel & Traffic Signal Controllers
• Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning System
• Solar Powered Flood Lighting Mobile Towers for Construction Sites

Telemetry & SCADA Control Systems

• PLC/RTU based Telemetry and SCADA control system for combined Fire/Irrigation pumping station and networks with full control and monitoring features configured based on customer demands.
• Design, Implementation and configuration of DEWA/ DM/ FEWA/ SEWA and other Authorities RTU based SCADA systems
• Programmable logic controller (PLC) controls for auto operation of all type of pump station with all necessary instruments, inputs and outputs for remote monitoring and control.
• Uninterruptible power supply for all instruments and control applications with backup.
• Instrumentation works complete including power and control cabling for Electromagnetic flow meters, Actuated Gate/Butterfly valves, Ultrasonic and Hydrostatic level transmitters, Hydrocarbon Analyzers, Float switches, Pressure, Temperature and Flood sensors/Transmitters etc.
• Remote Terminal Unit for monitoring and controlling the Odor control systems, WWTP’s and various pumping station from centralized facility.
• BMS and Access control systems with smart sensors.

Chambers ( Civil & MEP)

• Valve Chambers
• Overflow Chambers
• Magnatic Flow Meter Chambers
• Fire Hydrant Chamber
• Irigation / Water
• Inlet / Outlet Chambers

General Services

• FH system, Fire Hydrants, fire hydrant monitoring and control system in association with certified bodies.
• Standby/temporary power generator set complete with all accessories and load balancing through synchronization panel and underpasses.
• Fire Alarm detection and suppression systems including signal to civil defense in association with certified bodies.
• Monorails/Cranes with electrical hoist and all accessories including fabrication of long travel beams, profile girders and run way rails etc.
• Carbon Deodorizer Unit, Odor Control System, Single Stage/ Multi Stage Biotechlink and biochemical scrubber system.
• Lake Aeration and Recirculation System.
• Swimming Pools.
• Chlorination & Fluoridation System.
• Surge Vessel / Pressure Vessel including Surge Analysis through certified bodies and approved software’s.
• Tunnels, Fire, MEP, HVAC & ventilation systems.
• Construction of Data Centers.